The Artist

Karolina Sávolt was born in 2010, she is one of the youngest creative artists of our time.

She started painting the age of 9, completely independently, from the Internet, online mastered the basics of her knowledge.

She opened his own chamber exhibition when she was 11 years old.

Karolina is an excellent student, speaks excellent English and Spanish, plays sports every day, and she is a national age-group champion in tennis.

Carolina’s painting and stylistic direction are decisive, since her independent style features - even at such a young age - are immediately recognizable in the works with which her attracts attention in our rushing world, to our present beauties, to the continuous flow and movement of energy.

On her oil paintings and her art, as a new generation of the XXI century, it combines the Renaissance trend, the XVI-XVII century Baroque style with abstract and avant-garde style, the 19th century she is defining romanticism, with the realist trend.

Karolina wishes to support underprivileged children with her art, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn fine arts, thereby offering them, their family members and their environment an even happier future.

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